"The nuns' table, although frugal, should be sufficient for their needs."

The following texts, taken from our Constitutions, show that our sharing of meals together is a sacred act, which both symbolizes and effects the communion of persons that we are called to be. Our basic orientation of receptivity to the Word of God continues even as our bodies receive the necessary refreshment provided by food and drink. 

"Since one 'does not live by bread alone,' the nuns, while keeping silence in the refectory, should listen to reading 'so that not only their bodies may be refreshed with food, but their minds also may be strengthened with the word of God.' At table, the first reading should be from Sacred Scripture; ordinarily some work suitable for spiritual development and Christian culture should then be read."

"The nuns should keep in mind that just as they share together in the Eucharistic Bread, they should also partake of their bodily food as a sign of sisterly communion."

The Table