at the heart of the Order of Preachers

As it has been practiced by Dominicans through the centuries—the little no less than the great—study is a natural preparation for supernatural life.  

"The Dominican homage to God consists in the dedication of the intellect to supernatural Truth."

The Dominican nun also belongs at this living heart. Study, for her, is an apprenticeship in holy wisdom. Its regular discipline orders her intellect and purifies her will, disposing her for the elevation of grace. As an ascetical practice, study teaches her to think and act according to the truth of things—the natural truths written into creation, history, and philosophy and the supernatural truths written into sacred scripture and tradition. Sending down her roots into doctrine divinely revealed, the Dominican nun is raised to contemplation of God.

There are many ways to collect information today, but few ways to discern truth. More than ever, souls in search of God need that virtuous habit of paying attention to what is true known as study. Study holds a unique place in the Christian faith: it leads us to Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, who is Truth himself. In this mode of encounter with Christ, study is both life-giving and life-changing. That’s why it belongs at the heart of Dominican life.

Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP

"How does the intellect provide for our deepest happiness? By giving us ultimate perspective. If you know where your true good lies, you can love that good, and in loving that good, you can remain at peace, even in the midst of the storms of life. A lot of the ways we navigate life with a deeper, more spiritual joy and rootedness is through intellectual perspective, gaining the right perspective on things. Truth can be a source of enduring happiness and peace."  

Study of Sacred Truth

For this reason, monastic study is never a matter of private diversion. For the Dominican nun, it is part of a public vocation within the Church and, as such, reflects the theological reality of her person: Consecrated to God, she tends toward him. Living the evangelical counsels, she enters into eternal perspectives. Studying truth, she encounters Christ.

Fr. Humbert Clerissac, OP


Dominican Nuns