"The solitary cell, the closed cloister, are the place where the nun, bride of the Incarnate Word, lives wholly concentrated with Christ in God."Verbi Sponsa

The monastic cell is a place of encounter with God. The "discipline of the cell" is one of the means for growing in union with him for whom our hearts long. 

The monastic term for the bedroom of a nun is "cell."

Our Constitutions tell us that  "‚Äč... the monastic cell is not only a place for rest, but like an enclosure within the enclosure it is a closed room for prayer in secret, a place for lectio divina, meditation, study or individual work....

The cells are to be supplied with the necessary furnishings which should savor of religious poverty. A nun should willingly return to the solitude of her cell, unless duties, work or obedience require her presence elsewhere."

The Cell