"I believe intensely in the essential union of theological study and

a life of praise-- 
the doxology and practice 
of the liturgy in which, 
by celebrating them, 
we are in communion 
with the mysteries." 
Yves Congar, O.P.

       Dominican Nuns

                                           at the Heart of the Order of Preachers  

The observance of study is ordered to the shaping, purification and elevation of the mind and heart.  Through study, then, one becomes more habitually disposed to think and act in accord with what God has revealed about himself and the nature and destiny of the human person. The sanctification of the mind through sacred study is one of the primary ways that we, as nuns of the Order of Preachers, grow in freedom for God alone. Theological study is not primarily a matter of acquiring information but rather is concerned with growing in holy wisdom. This observance, in union with a life that is thoroughly liturgical, both grounds and facilitates a contemplative ascent into the very life of God himself. We are blessed to have many of our brethren come to give us  retreats, lectures, workshops, etc. 

"The light and source of our study is God, who spoke in the past in many and varied ways, and in these last days speaks to us in Christ through whom the mystery of the Father's will is fully revealed in the Church by the sending of the Holy Spirit and all minds are enlightened. The nuns are to be instructed particularly in the Sacred Scriptures, in which they can contemplate the mystery of salvation. Likewise, they should receive such instruction as will enable them to participate more deeply in the liturgy, in which that same mystery is made unceasingly present and actual. They should nourish their faith especially on the mystical teaching of the Fathers, as well as of other theologians and authors, in particular those of the Order. In the study of St. Thomas let them find their best master, whose doctrine the Church always commends and the Order has received as a patrimony."                                                       

"​The methodical study of sacred truth, according to the capacity of the individual, is a fruitful preparation for lectio divina and an aid to human maturity. The blessed Dominic recommended some form of study to the first nuns as an authentic observance of the Order. It not only nourishes contemplation, but also removes the impediments which arise through ignorance and informs the practical judgment. In this way it fosters the fulfillment of the evangelical counsels with a more enlightened fidelity and encourages unanimity of mind. By its very constancy and difficulty it constitutes a form of asceticism and aids mental equilibrium."

                                                                               From the Constitutions of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers

The Study of Sacred Truth

"How does the intellect provide for our deepest happiness? By giving us ultimate perspective. If you know where your true good lies, you can love that good, and in loving that good, you can remain at peace, even in the midst of the storms of life. A lot of the ways we navigate life with a deeper, more spiritual joy and rootedness is through intellectual perspective, gaining the right perspective on things. Truth can be a source of enduring happiness and peace." 

                                                                                                                      Father Thomas Joseph White, O.P.