By our profession we dedicate ourselves to God, following Christ and leading the gospel life in the Order, so that our baptismal consecration may achieve its effect more completely. Through this profession of obedience we intend to bind ourselves to the fulfillment of the evangelical counsels. By this we renounce good things which are undoubtedly of great value, without however any detriment to the growth of the human person. While embracing the self-emptying of Christ, we participate at the same time in his life in the Spirit. In this way, if we are faithful we become clearer witnesses in the Church to the good things of the heavenly kingdom.

Led by filial devotion we also promise in our profession to honor Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, the loving Mother of our Order. When in the same profession we also promise obedience to St. Dominic we intend to be faithful to his spirit and mission. By solemn profession a nun is totally consecrated to God in the Order until death.

From the Constitutions of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers


Solemn Vows