The African Foundation

After the fire God blessed the community in many ways, not least with vocations, and enabled debts to be paid so that by 1962 the idea of making a foundation began to surface. By the spring of 1963 Africa had emerged as the site for a future foundation. In July of that year the Most Reverend Maurice Otunga, Bishop from Kenya visited the community which now included over fifty members. One year later the current prioress and a sister companion flew to Nairobi to visit a location proposed for the new monastery, meet with an architect and draw up plans for building. Volunteers were requested and in January of 1964 twelve sisters were selected as foundresses. Permissions from the local archbishop and the Procurator General of the Order were requested and obtained. The volunteers received medical checkups and the necessary inoculations and busily made decisions of what to bring and how to bring it. On April 30th, after Mass and breakfast, the sisters boarded the bus that would take them to New York to embark on the S.S. African Neptune. Now, almost fifty years later, the remaining foundresses are back in North Guilford and Corpus Christi Monastery in Nairobi, Kenya is a flourishing community comprised of purely native vocations who have embraced Dominican monastic life.